Tesla Coil

Tesla coil

I’ve built this mall ZVS-Driven Spark Gap Tesla Coil some years ago. It has got a simple dual spark gap, a MMC (multi mini cap) with a total capacitance of 2,27nF. The secondary coil has got 1065 turns of 0,2mm enamelled copper wire and a diameter of 21mm.

The primary coil is adjustible with a crocodile clamp.

The flyback transformer is powered using the ZVS (zero voltage switching) technique. This driver is also known as the Mazzilli Driver….just google it and you’ll find out, in case you don’t know what this is about ;). It can push a flyback to its limits…I’ve never powered this lil’ thing above 50W though, I don’t know, maybe soon 😉

You get nice 10cm long streamers from this device when powered off a 3S LiPo battery.

Here’s the device at 22V (6S LiPo Battery):

4 thoughts on “Tesla Coil”

  1. This is some great work. Since I have a zvs that I put on printed circuit board, I’m building one of these. Are there any instructions because I have all the parts I think I need but I might be wrong.

    1. Hey, the design is a quite simple standard spark gap tesla coil design (SGTC). You can find the schematics and build instructuions all over the web. I’ve chosen the parameters based on intuition back then and parts I had lying around. By making the primary coil adjustable you can fine-tune the circuit to get the longest arcs.

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